Bourg Gironde: Where To Stay And What To Do

Bourg-sur-Gironde, popularly known as Bourg lies on the right banks of Dordogne in Gironde estuary in the southwestern fringe of France. From Nouvelle-Aquitaine of Gironde department, this small town is famous for Côtes de Bourg wine appellation and is flanked by three heritage sites designated by UNESCO namely Blaye, Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion. Overlooking the Gironde cliff that sprawls over approximately 10 kilometers between Blaye and Bourge, this enchanting town features a number of stone houses, caves adorned with wildflowers and a number of attractions to explore.

Bourg Famous: SisLovesMe

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Sis Loves Me – Is it really from Bourg in France?

What To Do In Bourg

Among the top places to visit in Bourg, you will find the “Au temps des caleches” –a museum of horse-drawn carriages adjacent to Citadel Castle, lavish French gardens with terraces overlooking the town, river harbor, washhouse from 19th century, Jurade mansion with cove red market and bell tower from 18th century and Moorish house from 18th-19th centuries.

  • Visit Musée De La Voiture À Cheval to take a down-memory-lane tour during the stagecoach era while appreciating the vintage vehicles from Russia, England and Italy which were used for gentle drive, hunting and sports. The horse-drawn carriage of Nicolas II from Russia and saloon of Ségur’s Countess are notable.
  • Have a wine tasting experience at The Maison des Vins which brings you the Côtes de Bourg in its 19th century mansion. Around 150 wines are there to taste and you can learn about brewing process, attend exhibitions and talks.
  • Art connoisseurs can take a peek at the various art pieces and crafts from Les Brins d’art which is an art gallery organizing exhibitions throughout the year.
  • The cobble-stoned Bourg Cubzaguais Tourisme with Montesquieu bas-relief can be a great place to visit to explore Chateau de la Citadelle, the gardens, water fountain and more.

Where To Stay In Bourg

When you are looking for accommodation in Bourg, there are a number of hotels, B&Bs and campsites. However, here are the top-rated accommodations for your consideration –

  • Le Pain De Lune is an enchanting house surrounded by flower garden, swimming pool, private forest and a cellar with two bedrooms, attic and dressing room overlooking the river.
  • Villa Bacchus is another holiday home with private parking, free WiFi, private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, coffee-maker, dishwasher, microwave, flat-screen TV and barbecue.
  • Delebret Arnaud is a wood and stone-carved apartment lodging facility near Chateau de la Citadelle. It is suitable to accommodate three members

Various hiking activities are offered in Bourg and you can explore different water activities in the river. Talmont-sur-Gironde, Blaye Citadel, Gironde Estuary and Meschers-sur-Gironde cliffs are other tourist attractions in Bourg.