About Us

Bourg in Gironde is a team of people who have developed over the years to become one of the leading guides for French Tourism particularly the Bourg Gironde region and the vineyards in the area.

We provide cultural and practical information in English to make their stay an enjoyable one where they can research the vineyards and wine producing areas of Gironde. Our main aim is to make these vineyards accessible to the people so they can learn about the various techniques of growing vines and also study the various varieties of wines available including the vintage varieties.

Promoting The Heritage Of Bourg Gironde

Our aim is to provide information about Bourg-sur-Gironde and its innumerable treasures like the Chateau of the Citadel, the Moorish Villa, and the historical houses made of stone dating back to the eighteenth century.

It is our duty to tell you the history of the vineyards of the appellation Cotes de Bourg, of the fisherman’s homes and the troglodyte dwellings atop the cliffs. The impressive Citadel of Blaye offers amazing views of the islands in the estuary and its lively streets.

We will help you to Visit the Appelation Blaye Cote de Bordeaux and meet the friendly winegrowers who are willing to let you taste their exotic wines. Cotes de Bordeaux is home to over 850 wine producers who work on thousands of acres of land. But these winemakers also realize the need for making quality wines, as the wines of Bourg and Blaye, though very famous in France, do not have as big a market internationally.

Our Mission

At XYZ we are committed to promote the upcoming activities in the Bourg Gironde area.

This area is known for its events and festivals that take place all the year round. These are much awaited events, so we can help you plan your visit to Bourg Gironde accordingly. We can help book you for the Art and Wine Concert in Bourg that takes place in the Citadel. Here you can enjoy pleasant music along with tasting food and wines.

We can help you plan your itinerary of visiting the most important landmarks here so that you will not miss out on any place you wish to see. We will provide auto-commentary with the tour that will take you to 19 places between the lower and upper part of the town through the Museum, Citadel, market hall, port and parks. A visit to the Villa Mauresque built in the 12th century, with architecture influenced by the Arabs, is a place not to be missed.

Liven Up Your Visit To Bourg Gironde

Anyone and everyone is entitled to enjoy the marvels of Bourg Gironde.


With detailed information from us in English it becomes easy for thousands of holidaymakers to plan their holiday to France carefully and meticulously.

You can even specify the exact places you would like to visit in Bourg, and we are there to do the rest for you.

There are many leisure activities in Bourg like Jet Ski Ride and camping in the forest or the water front, just a taster of the activities you can enjoy here. We are sure, once you have visited, the charm will capture you for life.

The Future

Wines are aged in these egg-shaped amphora.

If you visit the big wine chateaux, you do not always see the lives of the people working in the countryside. We will help you see the authentic side of wine making, from growing, picking and fermenting, to marketing the final results, if you want to see the true picture. Most of the chateaux are family owned, and whole families work in this business as they have done for centuries.


As an example, of traditions giving way to modern ideas, a new technique of preparing wine is to let it age in an egg-shaped clay amphora instead of oak barrels. With there being a difference in pressure, the wine is able to extract more fruit flavors. This helps them to improve the quality of their wines. The wine makers literally put their heart and soul into their business of making delicious and exotic wines.