5 Top Places To Visit When Touring Bourg Gironde

Bourg, the capital of the Bourg Gironde canton, is a charming and picturesque little town resting on the right banks of the Dordogne.


The small town of Bourg offers great attractions, from the citadel castle with the horse-drawn carriage museum to the Moorish House, and Jurade mansion with the bell tower, to the French gardens overlooking the gorgeous landscape and the lower town.

The beautiful Gironde cliff road dotted with pretty cave dwellings and stone houses borders between Bourg and Blaye offering amazing views of the Gironde estuary. Between the three heritage sights of Emilion, Bordeaux and Blaye this beautiful medieval town appeals to both residents and visitors looking for a thrilling yet calm atmosphere. Earlier, the main economic activity in this town was trading salt, limestone and wine but now the attractive marina is used for docking river cruise ships. Wine-growing and wine-making is at present the main activity in the Bourg Gironde region.


The five top places worth visiting while on a tour of Bourg Gironde are:

Musee De La Voiture A Cheval

A visit to the town of Bourg is incomplete without visiting this museum. The exterior walls of its building give a beautiful view of Bourg and the river. The carriages and coaches of various ages in the museum all carry an interesting history. The staff are willing to show and explain the history behind certain exhibits in English.

The fascinating details of the exhibits are explained to the visitors along with a tour to the underground chambers used by the Germans as petrol tanks during WWII.

Maison Des Vins Des Cotes De Bourg

This is an excellent wine store with a big wine cellar and a very large variety of wines to select from, and that too at very reasonable rates. If this is your first visit to the region, this is an excellent place to stop in and understand the importance Bourg has in the region’s wine production.

The most impressive part is that vintage wines going back several years are readily available to drink as they have gone through the necessary process of cellaring by the winemakers. Visitors are taken on a walk through the beautifully set up wine shop describing each and every wine. As well as tasting, wine is also available for sale here. It is a great place for wine collectors.

Office De Tourisme De Bourg En Gironde

This office of tourism is located on a hill top at Place de la Liberation with a bas relief Montesquieu. But this cobble-stoned historic place can be reached by foot, and is a charming site in itself as well as housing much of the information you might want to look over when deciding what to do here. Another attraction at the top of the hill is the modest yet elegant Chateau de la Citadelle, a former country home for the bishops in Bordeaux. Although it had been burned down by the Germans in the mid-nineties, the town was rebuilt with the interiors becoming an exhibition space and cultural center.

Now the place features alluring gardens, water views and a public park. And while you are visiting the tourist office there are other places of interest available like Quais des Brocs, Moulin du Grand Puy and Chateau Dauzac besides many others, and you can get more on those here at the Office.

Les Brins D’art

This is a wonderful place that includes art galleries, a museum and shopping. You can admire some exotic pieces of art, or shop for good quality gifts for friends and family at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for places to eat nearby, you can go to Le Plaisance, Le Marche de Pierre Alain or the Café Du Port where you will be served delectable food alongside excellent wines served in chilled dispensers, and you can just move around tasting the wines too.

L’ange Bleu

L’Ange Bleu is an amazing place that will be a great and fun experience. Though it is a little outside Bordeaux, visiting it is worth the effort. An excellent three-course traditional French meal is served along with performers providing wonderful entertainment. It is more like a theater that can accommodate 1200 people. It has an imposing well-lit entrance with tall columns that gives the look of the old theaters of America.

Along with good food, the entertainment begins with 80s French pop mixed with American classics. There is something for all from great singers, dancers and musicians, not to forget the laser performance.