The New Face Of Bourg Gironde And What Tourists Stand To Gain

When you pay a visit to France, your trip should not always mean heading out to the Eiffel tower or the Louvre museum. You can explore more of the French way of life by visiting the country’s aesthetic communes.


Bourg sur Gironde is one such commune. It is a calm retreat and, with the efforts of the citizens and the tourism department of the country, Bourg Gironde is soon emerging as a tourist hotspot.


Here’s a few interesting aspects that the travelers stand to gain from the visit.

That Sitcom Show – Coming From USA ToFrance

That Sitcom Show - Porn Adaptations
That Sitcom Show – Porn Adaptations

American sitcoms have a long tradition in TVs of Europe. While these shows were all about American Dream life we definitely love to follow the episodes as well. These times are over, classic things like these are note made anymore… but guess what – an adult adaptation of them is coming. Mostly the most popular sitcoms are covered and you can expect a lot of interesting adventures. All the characters that you loved – right now you will see them in explicit situations. Thanks to Nubiles crew and their studio, we are going to experience once again what was so good about these shows. This time in a sexual way – all this available here.

Heritage And Historical Consciousness

Bourg brims with culture and heritage that can be learnt by just walking through its medieval historic streets. A work of historical brilliance, you can roam about the streets and experience the past firsthand. You can hang out in parks and monasteries from the medieval period.

There are audio tours and river rides to observe fountains, walls and chapels from the 17th and 18th centuries. Tanks from the Second World War and a Romanesque crypt dating from 12th century are other major attractions for history buffs.

Fine Wine

Around this small town lies Cotes de Bourg, a site with the finest vineyards. It might be a minor township but the homemade wine industry is booming here with a record of 400 winemakers. It is a principal supplier for Bordeaux wine. The red wine is dominant here and made from the Merlot grape while some amount of white wine is also produced.

This place is a heavenly abode for the taste buds of wine connoisseurs. Having a classic French meal in the backdrop of vast expanse of vineyards while sipping on red wine, is the classic Bourg Gironde experience.

Les Médiévales

Concerts, street art fests and cultural festivals keep on taking place all year round. One distinct event is the Les Medievales. It is a popular family celebration which takes you back to medieval France. You can dress up in old robes along with the performers who try to act like the people from the days of yore.

The old streets and architectural structures make the experience more authentic. Learning skills of war with the knights and wining and dining with the everyday folk, there is a lot to do in this festival which usually takes place in the first week of September.

MYLF - The Love of Mature WomenUnconditional Love For MYLF

What’s interesting in Bourg is the true and eternal appreciation for mature women. They are cherished here. No surprise projects like MYLF are getting so much attention here. Website that features 7 smaller series showing mature women in explicit videos, are we sure this is something that locals would like? The answer is positive and MYLF is already on the top spot of things to see once they are released!

Adventure Activities

The smooth slopes and the sea winds make Bourg Gironde perfect for setting a mood for adventure. Hiking trails are offered to certain villages. Apart from that, riding horses, jet skiing, sailing, and kayaking are also other options to choose from. The Gironde Estuary offers some boating. It is the biggest estuary in Western Europe.

So next time, when you plan an authentic French trip, head to Bourg Gironde. The charm lies in the fact that you can experience the beauty of not only present-day France but also the France from the past. Immerse yourself in the experience and feel the grace of the lost period.